For the Natural Laws of Massive Success workshop:

On Saturday, November 10, 2012 there were were several educational presentations at the District 3 Toastmasters Fall Conference. The most engaging and personally rewarding session was presented by Elizabeth Shaw. Elizabeth engaged her audience by asking several questions about what success means personally and how that success may be achieved. She encouraged audience members to create a personal success team. She explained how difficult that is for most people, including herself. From the moment each of us are born, we are all taught to become more self-reliant as we grow older. We often think of requesting help as a sign of personal weakness. Elizabeth explained how we each need help from others in order to achieve success. She shared her own experience and lessons learned after winning the District 3 Toastmasters International Speech Contest in 2012. She learned from others who had competed at the International Convention how to choose a topic, how to rehearse, how to approach the stage and even how to select personal wear which emphasized her highlights and created a positive impression. To identify and develop personal strengths, a personal development team is needed. Success will follow, whether the focus is career advancement or the development of new skills. I recommend this presentation for anyone who wishes to achieve development of maximum potential in life. -Jeff Morud DTM

Liz Shaw’s presentation at the Fall 2012 District 3 Toastmaster’s Conference provided innovative information that shifted my perspective on the definition of success. She motivated and empowered me to take action on a person goal that has challenged me for quite some time. Liz connects with her audience in a way that few speakers can – she is expressive and honest and not afraid to be vulnerable. Her conviction and passion captivate her audiences and allows us to relate to her as a person. Liz’s wit provides humor and entertainment, yet her biggest strength is the content and uplifting messages of her speeches. I always enjoy hearing Liz – whether it is to laugh, learn, or become inspired!” -Sabrina Hiltunen, University of Phoenix

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your education session at the last District 3 Conference, “The Natural Laws for Massive Success”.  I have been to countless workshops and seminars all over the country.  I have to say that you delivered this material in a fun and very informative manner that “sticks to your ribs” as my mom used to say.  You have a gift for enrolling your audience to get engaged and take away pearls of value that will serve each individual that attends.

“Thank you for volunteering your time to give this presentation.  Let me know when your next speaking engagement is.  I am sure that when word gets out about you, you will be in high demand!” -Jon Hammond, President of Signal Peak Toastmasters #9751

“Excellent thought provoking and action oriented material.Opened the door for a paradigm shift.” – audience member about The Natural Laws of Massive Success, November 2012

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