Every Day Brings a Choice

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Joan Borysenko

Every day we have a choice to practice stress or to practice peace. –Joan Borysenko

Every day. A choice. It doesn’t feel like it some days, does it? It feels like stress comes thundering down like an avalanche and buries you in its icy grip. No one chooses the avalanche. It just comes.

Even so, every day. A choice. Feelings are meaningless. They are tricks your mind plays on you. Feelings turn you into a victim puppet. They jerk you around and make you dance to their tune. Feelings want to distract you. We hold our feelings close for comfort as we dance the feverish choreography that they create for us.

Still. Every day. A choice. A choice to ignore what you feel. A choice to create your own reality instead. A choice to live in peace regardless of circumstances. A choice to be happy on your own terms.

What are you choosing today – stress or peace?

Credit: Digital collage by Liz Shaw with elements from Artspiration Studio (Tangie Baxter and Rebecca McMeen)
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