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russian-curio-boxI’ve shared my love of blank notebooks in a previous post on my personal blog, but today I want to talk about my second favorite paper product: 3″ x 5″ cards. These cards come in all kinds of perky colors. They come blank, lined, even with grids.

If you like designs, buy the blank ones and dress them up with rubber stamps. (Someday, a smart graphic designer is going to approach the companies that make these little lovelies and pitch designer card, and I’ll be the first in line to buy them.)

3″ x 5″ cards are perfect for those times when carrying a blank notebook is impractical. The cards tuck beautifully into the back pocket of your jeans or, if you’re an upscale kind of guy, the inside pocket of your suit coat.

All the things you can do with a blank notebook, you can do with these note cards. And here’s one more: Collect inspiring quotes, saying, affirmations, and scripture verses. Write them down one per card.

Now for the secret of how to use humble note cards to change your life: Put them in a box. (A recipe box is the perfect size, although you can certainly spend money on something more fancy or decorate a wooden box yourself.) Don’t organize them in any way. Just put them in there willy nilly. Then trust your intuition to help you find exactly the right card when you need it.

When I need inspiration, I pull out the box and start reading the quotations. When I find the right one, it goes up on my bathroom mirror where I will see it every day until the day comes when I’ve absorbed it. Then I put it back in the box with a little notation about when I used the card and what it meant to me.

I used to collect inspiration in my notebooks, but I decided that the ability to post the card on the mirror is useful. There’s one other reason that I stumbled on by accident.

One of my friends was going through a rough time, the same kind of rough time that I had gone through a few years before. I gave one of my cards that had been important to me during that time. It included my personal notes and thoughts about the quotation on the card. It meant so much to her that she used it to start her own Inspiration Box.

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