Liz Shaw brings a wealth of personal experience to the your audience or group.

In speaking on the Natural Laws of Massive Success, Liz pulls from her experience as a pediatric physical therapist to reveal the developmental principles that successful people use naturally every day to create brilliant lives.

Loved this workshop!  You are warm, genuine, humble while exhibiting true knowledge & experience Рvery empowering  Jon Hammond

Liz uses stories and humor about surviving breast cancer and thriving with post traumatic stress disorder to reveal how the simple yet illogical practice of Vital Gratitude can help anyone change from stressed to success.

If your group is facing change, they’ll enjoy hearing Liz speak on Embracing Surprise to learn how surprise and change can bring about advantageous circumstances for future success.

Liz has been motivating, teaching, and coaching individuals and groups for 35 years. Contact her today about how she can help your audience believe in their brilliance.


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